The Contractor's Legal Kit

The Contractor's Legal Kit

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The Contractor’s Legal Kit was written by attorney/builder Gary Ransone specifically for home builders and remodelers. This latest edition of the Legal Kit includes a complete set of the most commonly used, user-friendly editable set of construction agreements a builder and remodeler is likely to ever need. The Contractor’s Legal Kit also comes with an updated comprehensive plain language Contractor’s Legal Kit eBook User Guide. The Contractor’s Legal Kit eBook User Guide has plenty of practical information in it along with a variety of updated construction agreements with sample filled out versions of the agreements so you can see how the filled out construction agreements might look when used on real projects.


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This Complete Set of User-friendly Construction Agreements for home builders and remodelers

  • Short Form Fixed Price Agreement
  • Long-Form Fixed Price Agreement
  • Time and Materials Agreement
  • Cost-Plus-Percentage-Fee Agreement
  • Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee Agreement
  • Estimating Agreement & Pre-Construction Services Agreement
  • Construction Management Agreement
  • Design-Build Preconstruction Services Agreement
  • Design-Build Agreement
  • Change Order (short form)
  • Change Order and Accounting Summary (long form)

  • Invoice (short form)
  • Invoice and Accounting Summary (long form)
  • Short-Form Subcontract Agreement
  • Long-Form Subcontract Agreement
  • Subcontractor Information Form
  • Pre-construction Conference Form
  • Ups and Downs of Remodeling Form
  • Change Order Contingency Fund Form
  • Optional Contract Clause: Material Price Escalation Clause
  • Punch List Addendum Form
  • Comprehensive eBook and Legal Kit User Guide for Agreements


** Now Includes Comprehensive eBook Legal Kit User Guide **

The Contractor’s Legal Kit is sold as a digital download product and thanks to technology, is just a click away.

Time Tested Agreements Now Updated

How Does The Contractor’s Legal Kit Get to You?

This is a digital download product and not a physical product. Immediately after purchasing the Contractor’s Legal Kit through the shopping cart on this site you will automatically be sent an email with the Contractor’s Legal Kit zip folder that you download and save to your computer. The zip folder contains files with all the editable construction agreements and forms and a separate file with the Contractor’s Legal Kit eBook and User Guide. The eBook and User Guide also contains a clean and annotated version of all the agreements so you can see how the agreements might look when filled out for a real job. 

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