The Complete Set of User-Friendly Construction Agreements for Home Builders and Remodelers

** Now Includes Comprehensive eBook Legal Kit User Guide **

What Makes The Contractor’s Legal Kit Different from Other Form Construction Contracts?

The recently updated Contractor’s Legal Kit editable construction agreements and forms were written by an attorney/builder. The Contractor’s Legal Kit construction agreements and forms are time tested and have been used around the country on countless different projects by thousands of builders and remodelers for over 25 years. Like the original Contractor’s Legal Kit, these construction agreements and forms now come with a comprehensive updated eBook and User Guide that contains sample filled out versions of the construction agreements. The sample filled out version of the construction agreements in the eBook explain the important terms of each agreement and show you how the construction agreements might look when used on real projects.

There is pretty much something for every builder in the Contractor’s Legal Kit regardless of the size of your company and regardless of whether you are looking for a good construction agreement or two with pointers on how to fill them out, or a full understanding of various different types of residential builder/remodeler construction agreements and forms. Better construction agreements pave the way to better jobs!

Comprehensive eBook and User Guide Written in Plain English

The Contractor’s Legal Kit comes with a comprehensive user-friendly Legal Kit eBook and User Guide with practical nuts and bolts information written in plain English. The Legal Kit eBook and User Guide also includes both clean and annotated sample filled out versions of all the different construction agreements and forms included in The Contractor’s Legal Kit. You’ll find plenty of pointers in the eBook and User Guide on how the construction agreements might be filled out. This will help you fill out better agreements and if asked, you’ll be able to better explain to your customers what’s in your agreement and why it’s there. 

And, if you’re looking for easy preventative procedures builders and remodelers can use to reduce risks, avoid misunderstandings and form better agreements with owners and subcontractors, you’ll find that in The Contractor’s Legal Kit eBook and User Guide as well.

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Designed to Be Used as a Tool

The Contractor’s Legal Kit is a tool. The complete set of editable construction agreements in the Contractor’s Legal Kit are designed to keep track of many of the most important parts of a residential build or remodel project from start to finish. The Contractor’s Legal Kit was designed to help you easily identify and minimize many common risks builders and home remodelers face and then avoid many of those risks through your construction agreements and practices. The Contractor’s Legal Kit gives builders and remodelers a systematic approach to avoiding common and sometimes costly misunderstandings with the owner. With good tools and better agreements, you can avoid many common disputes, your jobs go more smoothly, you lose less money over miscommunications and you just build better projects!