About The Contractor’s Legal Kit Forms & Website

I’m Gary Ransone, founder and managing member of The Contractor’s Legal Kit, LLC, author of the original Contractor’s Legal Kit, a Journal of Light Construction book, first published back in 1996 and creator of the revised and new complete set of Contractor’s Legal Kit editable construction agreements and forms available on this site. I’ve worked for many years both “in the trenches” and around the construction business, first as a laborer starting in 1980, then carpenter, remodeler, general building contractor and developer. I’ve also been a practicing attorney focused on construction law since 1989. The revised and new contracts and forms available on this site reflect my decades of work in these two fields.

Like all builders, I hate what can happen to builders and owners when they fight over things like what is or isn’t included in a construction agreement, the all too common disputed oral “agreements” or change orders, the occasional “selective memory”, who pays for what if certain unknowns or problems arise on the job and what to do when Murphy’s Law visits the project. By far, the best solution to many of these typical problems that can arise on a job is to try to prevent many of them from occurring in the first place and that can often be done with a good, thorough, plain language construction agreement that is prepared by the builder. 

This opportunity for the builder to create and present a well thought out construction agreement that addresses the builder’s risks and communicates the important aspects of the project in writing to the owner is a tremendous opportunity and benefit for the builder and remodeler. Just like it’s harder to cut the lumber to frame a house with a handsaw or dull, used up Skilsaw blades, it can be harder to avoid common contractual problems, misunderstandings and disputes and collect disputed payments owing if the builder is simply relying on oral agreements or using a one page, antiquated or poorly worded construction agreement. The revised and new Contractor’s Legal Kit construction agreements and forms on this site are basically a tool to be used by the builder to improve communication and reduce many of the inherent risks associated with running a successful building and remodeling business.