The Contractor's Legal Kit, 2022 Revision

User-Friendly Legal Forms for Home Builders & Remodelers
The Contractor's Legal Kit, 2022 Revision
The Contractor's Legal Kit, 2022 Revision
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The recently updated and new Contractor’s Legal Kit construction agreements and forms available on this site offer a complete set of user friendly, easy to access, editable construction agreements and forms online to builders. They were written by attorney and contractor, Gary Ransone. This complete set of construction agreements and forms helps builders and remodelers establish many of the important ground rules that govern the important business relationship with the owner and also keep track of the most important parts of a project.

The Contractor’s Legal Kit template construction agreements and forms available on this site are infused with an understandable, thorough, plain language that comes from the author’s decades of work as both a builder and an attorney. This “in the trenches” construction experience along with the author’s several decades of experience working with builders to prepare countless construction agreements over the past three decades is infused into the different construction agreements and forms sold on this site.

As construction evolved over the past decades, the various tools to creating and running a successful construction company have also evolved. Hopefully you will find the most recently updated, revised and new Contractor’s Legal Kit construction agreements and forms available for purchase on this site an essential tool that enhances your building or remodeling business and helps to improve your bottom line.

The complete set of editable template construction agreements and forms included with the revised Contractor’s Legal Kit available on this site includes the following:

  • Bid/Proposal
  • Contract/Proposal
  • Short-Form Fixed Price Agreement
  • Long-Form Fixed Price Agreement
  • Cost-Plus-Percentage-Fee Agreement (Time and Materials)
  • Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee Agreement
  • Labor-Only Agreement Fixed Price Agreement
  • Labor Only Hourly Cost Plus % Fee Agreement
  • Estimating Agreement & Pre-Construction Services Agreement
  • Design-Build Preconstruction Services Agreement
  • Design-Build Agreement
  • Project Management Agreement
  • Short-Form Subcontract Agreement
  • Long-Form Subcontract Agreement
  • Subcontractor Information Form
  • Subcontractor and Supplier Bidding Checklist
  • Change Order Form and Accounting Summary (long form)
  • Change Order Form (short form)
  • Change Order Contingency Fund Information Form
  • Long-Form Construction Invoice
  • Short-Form Construction Invoice
  • Estimating Worksheet
  • Pre-Construction Conference Form
  • Customer Information Form: Remodeling
  • Optional Contract Clauses
  • Punch List Addendum Form

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The Contractor’s Legal Kit has helped thousands of builders and remodelers complete successful projects for over 25 years. This updated and expanded edition provides a comprehensive set of contract documents for nearly every type of job. As a both a contractor and lawyer, Gary has created an invaluable tool to help you avoid disputes and quickly resolve most any that occur despite your best efforts. Don’t build without them.

Steve Bliss, Editor & Publisher,

Your contract documents provide a roadmap to help guide your project from conception to collecting the final check. The new and revised Contractor’s Legal Kit forms are the best I’ve seen geared for the home builder and remodeler.

Mike Hartrich, Contractor and Founder of the Santa Cruz Construction Guild.

It’s all about expectations in this business and the new and revised Contractor’s Legal Kit forms do the best job I’ve seen of defining in writing the expectations between me, the builder and my customer. With 50 years of experience building and remodeling, I’d recommend you buy these agreements and forms before vague misunderstandings with the owner bring you another headache and cause you to lose another dollar.

Sandy Charney, General Contractor

Gary’s combined experience as a lawyer and a general contractor and The Contractor’s Legal Kit forms offer my company solid expertise so I can navigate the complicated business waters of construction agreements with ease. These agreements have been the foundation of countless successful construction contracts executed by our company for over the past 20 years. Each contract has been well received by our clients. They are detailed, easy for us to work with and offer the understandable, plain language wording and transparency our customers appreciate. The Contractor’s Legal Kit has provided our company with the confidence needed to approach both normal projects and even the most complicated construction projects that have come our way.

Gina Centoni, Centoni Restoration & Development, Inc.

I've been a licensed contractor since 1996 and it was my good fortune to obtain the original Contractor's Legal Kit back then when the contracting world was new to me and quite intimidating. Gary's simple, easy to access templates were a must then and have been essential for my business ever since. The revised and new Contractor's Legal Kit construction agreements, forms and information on the Resource tab of this site should be required reading for newcomers to the industry. Their detailed scope and thoroughness will provide even the most seasoned builder like me with over 30 years of trades experience with a wealth of new ideas and insights into construction agreements and structuring the important contractual relationship with my customers. The fact that Gary's both a building contractor as well as an attorney allows for the material at hand to be extremely practical and easy to understand. One is never lost in too much legal jargon, yet at the same time all legal bases are well covered.

David J Hofvendahl, Sunburst Construction