The Contractor's Legal Kit, 2022 Revision

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This site was developed in 2022 and our mission is to offer high quality, user friendly, easy to access contract administration form templates online to builders that may help to minimize some of the risks that builders and remodelers face when building projects. The revised and new forms found on this site have many roots in the original CONTRACTOR’S LEGAL KIT first published back in 1996. Builders who have used the earlier forms have often asked about revised forms and you will now find the latest revised version of forms (no book or CD), along with some new forms on this site.

The Contractor's Legal Kit, 2022 Revision
The Contractor's Legal Kit, 2022 Revision
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We strive now, as back in 1996 and with subsequent revisions, to infuse the CONTRACTOR’S LEGAL KIT forms with an understandable, practical, focused and editable template form language that comes from the unique perspective of having been both a builder and an attorney for decades at this point. As construction evolved over the past decades, the various tools to creating and running a successful construction company have also evolved and towards that end we hope that you will find the information and most recently updated, revised and new CONTRACTOR’S LEGAL KIT forms on this site useful.

By using the template forms and information on this site you agree to the Terms of Use on this site. Only the original purchaser of The Contractor’s Legal Kit forms has a limited license to modify, edit, print and use the forms on this site. Please read the editable template forms with care, fill in, modify, delete, add language to, and revise portions of the template forms according to your specific needs and the laws of your state with the advice of your own local attorney.

We hope that you will find the information and most recently updated, revised and new CONTRACTOR’S LEGAL KIT forms on this site useful and an essential communication tool that enhances your business.

Forms Included:

  • Bid/Proposal
  • Contract/Proposal
  • Short-Form Fixed Price Agreement
  • Long-Form Fixed Price Agreement
  • Cost-Plus-Percentage-Fee Agreement (Time and Materials)
  • Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee Agreement
  • Labor-Only Agreement Fixed Price Agreement
  • Labor Only Hourly Cost Plus % Fee Agreement
  • Estimating Agreement & Pre-Construction Services Agreement
  • Design-Build Preconstruction Services Agreement
  • Design-Build Agreement
  • Project Management Agreement
  • Short-Form Subcontract Agreement
  • Long-Form Subcontract Agreement
  • Subcontractor Information Form
  • Subcontractor and Supplier Bidding Checklist
  • Change Order Form and Accounting Summary (long form)
  • Change Order Form (short form)
  • Change Order Contingency Fund Information Form
  • Long-Form Construction Invoice
  • Short-Form Construction Invoice
  • Estimating Worksheet
  • Pre-Construction Conference Form
  • Customer Information Form: Remodeling
  • Optional Contract Clauses
  • Punch List Addendum Form


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