Opening legal kit folder

On many computers, to open the folder with The Contractor’s Legal Kit forms, double click on the Contractor’s Legal Kit folder to open and view its contents on your computer. A Windows based computer will open the zip file up, while its still in zip form, and you can pull out individual files, or all files. A Macintosh will extract all the contents automatically and create a new folder with all of the files inside of it.

On a Windows based computer, you can also right-click The Contractor’s Legal Kit folder (or right-click and drag anywhere) on the zip file and 'extract' the contents. This will create a new folder, with the name of the zip file, with all of the contents of the zip file inside of it.

When you open an individual file in the folder, click on the “Enable Editing” box above top of form before using document and remember to delete the Notice to Contractor banner paragraph at the top of each form.  

Thank You,

The Contractor’s Legal Kit, LLC