Tips for Contractors

I’ve developed two primary ways to preventatively deal with construction disputes in a way that can minimize disputes and perhaps increase your profits.

If you get a larger contract, or one that you are uncertain about or have concerns about the owner, I am available to draft the contract for you or edit and revise the contract that you put together before you send it off to the owner. You may even consider when doing your estimating putting a little money in your overhead category on the project for my time and consider it a project expense.  
Or, if you prefer a contract template that you can fill out on your own, there are a series of contracts and forms you can purchase from my office and use to handle various aspects of your contract administration. These forms were developed as a practical “tool” or guide for your contract administration needs (various types of contracts, i.e. fixed price, cost plus, design build, change orders, invoices, estimating and informational forms, and numerous other forms – see Forms tab on this site). The editable forms are in Word format and you fill in the project specifics. I also have a supplement for the California Home Improvement Contract laws that simplifies this confusing area of the law for those of you that do residential home improvement work in California. Contact my office directly if you are interested in that Home Improvement Contract Supplement for California contractors only.

The second way you can prevent or resolve many disputes is by utilizing legal consulting services offered through my office whenever a problem or legal question arises on a project, i.e. the 2 heads are better than 1 theory.

I like to provide convenient & easy access to construction related legal information (in office, phone consultations or email), assistance resolving payment disputes, and as noted above I have a lot of experience in construction contract review/drafting services. The idea is that an “ounce of prevention” at the right point in time can help a contractor to avoid or resolve some serious disputes and/or financial losses and whenever possible – litigation and preserve anticipated job profits. Those of you who have ever been confused by a contract, had to sue or file a Mechanic’s Lien to be paid, or been unable to collect on a valid Change Order know what I mean…

In California call me at (831) 476-8784 or email me if you want to order forms, have me draft a construction agreement for you or with you, have a legal consultation, have a dispute of some kind related to the construction business, or if you want to tune up your contracts and contracting procedures. I look forward to hearing from you and good luck with your projects!

No matter which side of the table you're sitting at, the best and most certain way to deal with the possibility of disagreements and disputes on a construction project is to plan ahead and take preventative steps to avoid them in the first place. Reviewing the checklist in the blog for contractors is another good step in that direction.

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