Gary Ransone, Esq.

Gary Ransone, Esq., Attorney, Soquel, California, State Bar No. 141216

My name is Gary Ransone. I emphasize in my law practice construction contract review/drafting services and dispute avoidance/resolution. The idea is that an “ounce of prevention” at the right point in time can help you to avoid or resolve some serious disputes and/or financial losses and whenever possible – litigation.
I have worked in and around many parts of the construction business for over 25 years – first as a laborer, carpenter,  project manager, Builder and General Contractor, and for the last twenty + years primarily as an attorney focused on Construction Law, builder of my own projects, project administration and related legal areas. This “in the trenches” construction experience (residential and commercial) and my interest in both construction and dispute avoidance is why I work in this area of the law.

I have also worked as an arbitrator/mediator in numerous construction disputes and am available to provide those services from an experienced and somewhat unique perspective. I currently hold licenses in California as an attorney, general contractor and real estate broker. I have also been trained as an American Arbitration Association arbitrator. I have written numerous articles on construction contracts and administration along with the Contractor’s Legal Kit, published by The Journal of Light Construction and spoke on these same topics at both local and national construction conferences from California to the East Coast.

Legal Emphasis: Construction Law (Private Practice since 1989)
Qualifications, Licenses & Relevant Work Experience: Engaged in the above areas of law. 95% of law practice in various different aspects of Construction Law, primarily representing Owners, General Contractors, Subcontractors, and suppliers in residential, commercial and public entity building disputes and complex litigation. Expertise in the drafting, review and interpretation of construction contracts and contract administration documents. Concentrated experience in single family residence construction defect litigation, contract disputes and dispute resolution.

Holds Law License, General Contractor's license and Real Estate Broker's license in California. Author of numerous articles on construction law and one book, THE CONTRACTOR'S LEGAL KIT, (first published in February 96' by Builderberg Group, 344 pages, w/ software, 2nd edition published 2003 and second impression 2006) related to residential and light commercial construction agreements and construction business basics. Expertise in joint venture development agreements between owners and contractors. Development and land use experience.

Developed contracts for Microsoft Cd Rom project (Reader's Digest Guide To Home Improvement) with template contracts for owners. Edited book in '98 on Mechanic's Liens for Nolo Press with both owners and contractors as the targeted audience. Admitted to practice law in California and Federal Courts in 89'. Previously AAA Construction Panel Arbitrator. Featured Construction Law speaker at numerous local and national Builders conferences from San Francisco to the east coast. Available for speaking engagements. Member of Santa Cruz Construction Guild.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about the kinds of problems that contractors and owners face when trouble arise and when trying to put together contracts. More importantly, I’ve learned some ways to resolve or better still, prevent many of these problems from occurring in the first place.

My approach to problems in the construction business is tempered by a strong dose of job site reality gained while working as a general contractor, attorney, mediator and arbitrator. Gary Ransone is also the founder of THE CONSTRUCTION LAW HELPLINE which he started in 1994 to provide contract preparation services and easy access to construction related business and legal information to contractors and owners throughout California. Gary Ransone is experienced and trained in mediation and arbitration services and is available to serve both as a mediator and arbitrator on construction cases. Mr. Ransone's extensive subject matter knowledge and subject matter expertise allows him to quickly understand and resolve cases involving construction disputes in a cost efficient manner.

Gary Ransone, Esq.
2825 Porter Street, Suite A,  Soquel, CA  95073
Phone: (831) 476-8784

Gary Ransone is available to serve as mediator / arbitrator, or to assist with alternative dispute resolution strategies.