Buy Legal Forms

Forms below are sold nationwide and are not California specific. Check with an attorney in your state to find out if additional state requirements apply. Editable Construction forms for contractors and home builders in Word format that can be purchased include the following:

  • Short form fixed price agreement: $30.
  • Long form fixed price agreement: $35.
  • Addendum for matching existing finishes: $20.
  • Cost plus fixed fee agreement: $30.
  • Cost plus percentage fee agreement: $30.
  • Labor only agreement (cost plus percentage fee): $30.
  • Design-build pre-construction services agreement: $20.
  • Design-build agreement: $30.
  • Change order contingency fund – Client information notice: $20.
  • Change order and accounting summary form: $20.
  • Short form subcontract agreement: $30.
  • Long form subcontract agreement: $30.
  • Subcontractor information form: $20.
  • Long form construction invoice: $20.
  • Short form construction invoice: $20.
  • Pre-construction conference form: $20.  
  • Ups and downs of remodeling form – client information notice: $20.
  • Subcontractor and Supplier bidding checklist: $20.
  • Estimating worksheet: $20.
  • Preliminary cost estimate: $20.
  • Mold addendum and information notice: $20.
  • No permit addendum: $20.
  • Punch list & Customer Satisfaction form: $20.
Get the Entire Set of Legal Forms for Just $99.99

Email or phone (831) 476-8784 to order any of the documents above.

To order the full set of forms, please send a check for $99. to Gary Ransone, 2825 Porter St., Ste. A, Soquel, CA 95073, note your email address on the check and the set of forms will be emailed to you upon receipt.

10% discount for ordering 5 or more forms.
15% discount for ordering 10 or more forms.
20% discount for ordering all forms above.


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